Brock Bushong Returns to Texas!

After a two year stint on the west coast playing for audiences all over California, Brock Bushong returns to Austin. Bushong who was the frontman for hard-hitting rock band Bravo Zulu, is “…going back to his roots…” and embracing the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and John Mayer. The bands that form the foundation for his contemporary/blue eyed soul sound. His passion for his lyrical poetry allowed him to work with producer Scott Faris of Amusement Park Records and debut his first full length debut album, Aurum. In it, his music is brought to life with the artful orchestration of electrifying guitar solos, melodic strings, and pummeling drums. Brock is currently working on his new single, “ Take My Heart and Bite It “, set for release in the Spring of 2019.

James Keith