Nautical Nation Takes Stage on Austin Music Live

The evening kicked off with Dallas alternative band Blue Apollo who opened up the show with their gritty singer-songwriter set and wrapped up with LARRY, a local ATX southern rock band that had us dancing as soon as we saw the washboard and harmonica. Though we fully enjoyed the beginning and end, it was the middle of the show that had us reeled in and ignited.

From deep in the heart of Hill Country, Nautical Nation surpasses all definitions of genres. Though alternative at the core, this eclectic band incorporates elements of all styles of music, from rock to reggae, funk to pop, indie to Americana. Full of raw and vast talent, the band delivered a memorable set full of jams of all varieties. In fact, the array was so wonderfully transformable that we sometimes wondered how one band could possibly craft such versatile, yet cohesive tunes.

Frontman James “Jake” Asbury led vocals and guitar with his rich, dreamy voice and rhythmic strums that resonated across the venue, while Caleb Hans Polashek carried expressive, pure melodies by the violin that plucked our heartstrings. Meanwhile, bass player Robb Walker mesmerized us with his groovy moves and beats, supported by Owen Cassidy’s complimentary guitar riffs and Rich Carducci’ splash of percussive color on the drums. This assembly of musicians simply left us stunned and speechless.

The night was full of energy, good vibes, great company, and fantastic music. Evenings like this constantly remind us of how thankful we are to live in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas.

James Keith